We all know that our current world is totally polluted a poisoned because of the conducts of the humans which is totally against to the nature. Actually if we compare our generation with our earlier generation, we are living an advanced lifestyle in which all our works have been done by machineries and we changed our environment according to the way as we wanted. But our earlier generation people changed their lifestyles according to the nature conducts and they respect and worshiped the nature as a god. This is how we are differing from our earlier generation people. Another different between us is that, we suffer so many nature disasters comparing to their generation.

Another important thing is that people stared to destroy the forests and they build them their own houses and factories to benefit their selves. This is also another major reason for the environment pollution and because of this our earth gets heat and it causes so many harms to human being. Also these all nature conducts can damage and destroy our living places. Therefore, when we are planning to build our houses we have to build all the precautionary structures in our house, which may reduce the damages. When we say precautionary structures, it includes strong gates, underground rooms, extra floors, strong fences, shade structures Brisbane, strong basement and all other important features.

Generally, the nature has a weather schedule which repeat in every year without any major changes. But these days, that schedules have been ruined because of the harmful conducts of the human. That’s the reason why now we cannot predict the exact weather conditions and disaster in early. However because of the bad weather schedule our house can also get damaged soon, damages such as, cracks in the fall, change of paint color fabric tension structure, over heat and so many damages. That’s the reason why we have to pain weather shield paints, sun protective shade structures and water ponds in our house in order to avoid these issues.

The major reason for these issues is that human beings have started to change the natural routine of the nature according to the way they wanted and invented much new equipment which has caused so much of harm to our nature. This is the reason why we faced so much of disasters and tragedies in our life. Also it is very important to mention that by doing precautionary arrangements we cannot fully avoid this issues, but we can reduce the level of damages.

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