The education and awareness amongst the public with regard to mosquito borne diseases is well below what it should be. The truth is, these diseases can be deadly and it is the public themselves who can prevent and control the spread of these diseases but governments and schools do not talk about them enough or educate people about the terrible consequences of mosquito borne diseases, which can sometimes even be death.Keeping your home cleanMosquito borne disease spread only because these mosquitoes are allowed to breed and it is every persons duty to make sure that their homes are clean and that there is no area in their homes where mosquitoes can breed. Mosquitoes breed in fairly clean water that is stagnant and therefore, if you have a bucket or even an ice cream container lying around that has collected water because of the rain, the mosquito can use it to breed. Another common area where mosquitoes breed is in gutters and open pipes because if there is a blockage in these, water collects and become stagnant. If you have an open gutter, leaves can fall in to it and they can block the drainage area causing water to collect.

To prevent this, you will need to get a gum leaf gutter guard to cover up your gutter and prevent leaves and other things from falling in to it and blocking it. You may not always pay a lot of attention to keeping your home clean of containers and things to prevent mosquitoes breeding because you do not know much about the subject and just how bad the diseases can get but if you look online, you will see that there are times when the spread of these diseases have cost the lives of hundreds and thousands and simply investing some money in a gutter guard system can prevent you from losing a loved one. Click here to read more.Education campaigns in schoolsIt is the duty of every government and every school to tell their students about mosquito borne disease and the dangers of them. Children and adults alike need to know how to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and also to identify the signs and symptoms of the disease if one of their loved ones get it so that they can be treated early. In most cases, if the disease is identified early, the person will need to be quarantined or kept away from everyone because the spread of the disease happens when a mosquito bites an infected person and then bites a healthy person.