Most of the things, we, human beings do are just a scam and a false security. The world is of course a bad place and we are doing nothing to make it a better place. For example, when a baby is formed, immediately the girl is taken to a doctor who would immediately find a thousand vitamin deficiencies and find her weak which is not a good sign and news that some one should hear when they are pregnant. Therefore, it is just clear that people are just frightened and made to do things that they do not want to do. A basic survey on the patient medical records and the medications subscribed had shown that only one in fourty nine times, a proper and adequate medication is prescribed to a patient.

The olden methods and the evaluation of the methods

To start, we have started with the ancient Chinese herbal medicine, which had proved to be a positive source for people to get healthy. Moreover, the main point about herbal medications is it is healthy and even if they are a wrong medication, it would just add strength to the person rather than add any other trouble unlike the English medications. These medicines are tested and passed on from generation to generation. It is a pity that we have such inexpensive and better methods still we resolve to the golden English medications which are basically chemicals.

There is another popular treatment famously known as acupuncture in Penrith, which is some kind of great legacy. Basically, the person will not be given any medicines or any kind of substance to intake. These people make use of needles to make sure there is a proper and continuous flow of blood to certain areas. Mostly we get body aches because there is no adequate supply of oxygen to the person. It is also important to note that if the needles are administered wrongly, there can be grave consequences.

The need to avoid the chemical filled English medications

It should be identified that there is a huge problem because though these medications are effective, they do have a lots of side effects which can be short term and long term. When they are administered wrongly, the patient life may be in line. Moreover, the English medications and doctors would make deals with a certain producer and make the patients to get medicines from the person of their choice because they will get their share of side income that way.

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